“Play and earn huge cash prizes.”

Hitz11 is a famous and trusted online cricket platform based in India that allows users to play fantasy cricket.
It is tactful to earn money on Hitz11. One can follow the given steps for achieving best results:
  • Do not intend to play all matches, be selective.
  • Research and make your team stand out.
  • Focus on all-rounders to create your team.
  • Don’t get tricked to invest all money on one match. Have a mixed portfolio.
  • Take risks to gain more.
  • Be selective while choosing your captain and vice-captain.
Team Hitz11 takes good care of the safety and security of the funds that people keep in their wallets. Still, for further clarifications, the following safety measures should be followed:
  • Avoid sharing your PASSWORD, OTP with anyone.
  • Crucial information like e-mail ID, mobile number, PAN card details, Bank Account number etc. should not be shared.
  • Downloading any unverified and unauthorized applications should be avoided.
  • Any fraudulent act should be immediately reported.
One can easily withdraw his/her savings by following the given pointers:
  • Every candidate must register his/her PAN number and Bank Account Number for initiating the withdrawal process.
  • One is only allowed to withdraw the winning amount.
  • The winning amount post withdrawal would be credited to the account holder within 3 working days.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is INR 100.
  • All disputes would subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.
Yes, you do have a joining bonus of INR 25. This bonus would be awarded once a candidate has completed the registration process.
The other terms and conditions are as follows:
  • The Managing Team should have 11 players.
  • There can be 1 to 2 Wicket Keepers.
  • There can be minimum 4 and maximum 6 Batsmen.
  • There can be minimum 4 and maximum 6 Bowlers.
  • The points system is followed in the game, wherein points are divided as follows:
  1. 5 points for every boundary.
  2. 5 points for every run-out.
  3. 5 points for every catch.
  4. 10 points for every six and
  5. 15 points for every wicket.
Team Hitz11 respects the privacy of all its users and make sure that it is always protected come what may. With the ultimate aim of entertainment, the company requests the readers and investors to read the ‘About Us’ section carefully before logging in.

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